Melamine Edging

  • Comprehensive range of colours and woodgrains
  • Supurb printing to create the most modern patterns and finishes
  • Available in various widths
  • Ideal for edging and finishing
  • Supplied un-glued or pre-glued, in a multitude of guises
  • A range which includes the most modern decors and finishes, along with the best of the traditional patterns of recent years
  • If the pattern is in our current swatch, it is available off the shelf
  • Not considered the modern choice, but still the best prints

Our current range of melamine edgings:

  Edging Code Description Texture  
D930T Aluminium Pearl Textured  
D950S Brushed Aluminium Smooth  
H210S Natural Aragon Oak Smooth  
H220S Odessa Oak Grey Smooth  
H225S Ferrara Oak Smooth  
H230S Montana Oak Smooth  
H232S Positano Oak Smooth  
H240S Classic Oak Smooth  
H247S Lissa Oak Smooth  
H250S Natural Oak Smooth  
H255S English Chestnut Smooth  
H260S Odessa Oak Gold Smooth  
H285S Santana Oak Smooth  
H290S Red Brown Highland Oak Smooth  
H295E Black Brown Ferrara Oak Embossed  
H310S Natural Alder Smooth  
H318S Stylish Walnut Smooth  
H319S Cocobola Smooth  
H320S Milano Cherry Smooth  
H326S Portofino Cherry Smooth  
H330S Cherry Smooth  
H345S Walnut Lyon Smooth  
H350S Natural Urbano Smooth  
H351S Mandalay Teak Smooth  
H353S Natural Walnut Smooth  
H355S French Walnut Smooth  
H358S Walnut Avellino Smooth  
H361S Tiepolo Walnut Smooth  
H365S Dark Walnut Smooth  
H380S Mali Wenge Smooth  
H385S Wenge Smooth  
H410S Ivory Pine Smooth  
H520S Light Maple Smooth  
H530S Roxy Elegant Smooth  
H540S Pearwood Smooth  
H545S Natural Maple Smooth  
H550S Natural Birch Smooth  
H580S Northumberland PA Smooth  
H610S Light Beech Smooth  
H620S Beech Smooth  
H750S Hacienda White Smooth  
H755S White Avola Smooth  
H760S Swiss Elm Light Smooth  
H765S Champagne Avola Smooth  
H767S Fabric Ash Smooth  
H770S African Walnut Smooth  
H772S Grey Avola Smooth  
H775S Driftwood Smooth  
H780S Swiss Elm Dark Smooth  
H785S Grey Brown Avola Smooth  
H790S Truffle Brown Avola Smooth  
H795S Hacienda Black Smooth  
H830E Peachwood Embossed  
H860S Cordoba Olive Light Smooth  
H862S Cordoba Olive Dark Smooth  
U110S Ivory Smooth  
U110T Ivory Textured  
U113H Cream High Gloss  
U120S Seringa Smooth  
U120T Seringa Textured  
U120T Vanilla Textured  
U125T Crema Textured  
U130S Oyster Smooth  
U130T Oyster Textured  
U136T Sand Beige Textured  
U155T Mussel Textured  
U160T Silver Grey Textured  
U162T Dakar Textured  
U163T Stone Grey Textured  
U164T Olive Textured  
U169T Lava Textured  
U173H Crimson High Gloss  
U178T Graphite Textured  
U180E Black Ash Embossed  
U180H Black High Gloss  
U180S Black Smooth  
U180T Black Textured  
W010S White Smooth  
W020E White Ash Embossed  
W020H White High Gloss  
W020T White Textured  


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