Frequently asked questions

Here is a range of the most frequently asked questions which customers ask when they ring us. If you have any suggestions for other information, we would be grateful to receive them. Please call us, or if you wish to, send them in through the contact us section of this website.

What size do your rolls of tape come in?

We buy unglued edgebanding in many different roll sizes. This depends on the manufacturing process. Melamine can come in anything from 150 to 600 metre rolls. We usually say that the average length is 450 metres, and will presume that is the size you require if you order multiples of rolls, but what we can offer you depends entirely on what we have in stock at the time of the enquiry. Veneer comes in smaller rolls, usually between 150 to 300 metres, and there is usually more choice of roll size. The size of plastic rolls is more varied, but the roll sizes are generally smaller.

We can meter most materials down to custom roll sizes for a small charge. Please ask at time of ordering for the options. At this time we cannot meter 2mm plastic, but this service will soon be available.

Preglued melamines come in either 50 metre or 100 metre rolls. Preglued veneers come in 50 metre rolls. See opposite for information on preglued plastics.

Do you have swatches of your veneer tapes?

Veneer, being a natural product, is subject to changes in colour due to the effects of light over time, especially in its unfinished state. We do not provide swatches of veneers as a result of this. There is a danger that a sample swatch, after being in circulation for a couple of years will be taken as a representation of what we can supply from stock, while some of the fingers on it will have faded considerably. We will supply finger samples of particular veneers on request.

Can you supply us with a bespoke colour that is not in your standard range?

We can source almost any colour or pattern you might need. Minimum order quantites will often apply, depending on whether it is plastic or melamine you require, and where we source it. Where the pattern you want is not available there is the possibility of having a special match made. Special matches will be subject to minimum quantities. Please give us a call on 01392 217635 and we should be able to give you a fair estimate of the cost, lead-time etc, within a day or so.

If we require samples of tape for testing purposes, will you send us some?

Yes, of course. Just ask the person you are speaking to, and, if we have the tape in stock, they will send you a sample by post.

Melamine / ABS / PVC Edgeband

What materials are your plastic tapes made out of?

We try to assemble a range of plastic edgings that is entirely ABS. However, we sometimes have to stock certain patterns in PVC because it is not manufactured in ABS. ABS has some benefits over PVC: you can burn it if you have a waste incineration plant, and it is considerably lighter in weight.

What sizes do you keep in stock?

Our ABS and PVC stock is a mix of thicknesses. 0.4mm is the thinnest, but we also stock some 0.45mm. Our mid-range material is mostly 1mm, though we do stock some 0.7mm and 0.8mm. Most of our thicker material is 2mm. Plastic is available in a myriad of thicknesses, depending on your needs.

22mm is the narrowest we keep in stock in most patterns. We keep a range of widths: 28mm, 32mm, 42mm. We can also get custom slits - as little as 100m length. SMC is developing an in-house slitting capacity, which we hope to have available to do fast custom slits by spring 2013.

Do you carry pre-glued ABS / PVC

Although we do not stock preglued plastics, we can put the glue on any tape here at SMC. This can often be done and delivered to you within 2 days. We can preglue all plastics from 0.4mm to 2mm. Application of preglued plastics is a specialist operation. If you need help and advice the SMC team will be pleased to talk you through the options.



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